Monday, April 12, 2010

An acrostic poem to promote April 13th

An acrostic to promote Tuesday's Full band show at the horseshoe! Hope to see you all there!

H..appy happy joy joy, its a free show
O..pening the night so be there at 9pm
R..ead my lips... no more taxes
S..hort people are welcome
E..veryone is welcome, not only short people
S..padina and Queen is the main intersection - FG
H..oly moly, i'm finally playing the horseshoe
O.. bama would be there if he lived in toronto and liked my music
E.. mo music won't be featured during my set

"T.. ell all your friends about me" - batman
A..ll right already, whats with the acrostic?
V.. iagra? now 50% off in your junkmail folder
E.. nigo Montoya was played by mandy patinkin
"R.. ealize that life goes fast, its hard to make the good parts last" - WC
N.. ow magazine probably won't come, but that shouldn't stop you!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

VBLOG: A Door Wide Open, Live @ The Bluebird in Nashville

My musical pilgrimage to Memphis and Nashville has been amazing! Will make a much larger blog post soon, but in the mean time:

Played "A Door Wide Open" at the Bluebird in Nashville, it was requested via twitter:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top Five Memphis Songs that Weren't written by Paul Simon or Marc Cohen

Hey Everyone,
just arrived in Memphis for my first FAI conference. Never been here before, apparently its Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday, so I'm heading to the parade in a matter of minutes!

I loaded my Ipod with as many songs about Memphis as I could find, and I've compiled a top Five list of the best songs that use Memphis as the focal point!

Clearly this list is a matter of fact, and any debate is futile (jeeeeezeee, I'm kidding.... I'm searching for as many great songs as possible!)

If you're in town this week, come say hey! I'll be the one dancing


here is my list:

5) Going to Memphis - Johnny Cash
"wish i was tied to Bertha instead of this ball and chain, I'm going to Memphis"
In my opinion, this tune blows "working on a chain gang" outta the water! No disrespect to Sam Cooke, but the remakes have killed it!

4) Back to Memphis - The Band
"wish i was back to Memphis, back home with my mamma... the only clothes I got left are these rags and my pajamas"
They kicked off their live set at Watkins Glen with this track, and although its been played by lots of folk, that recording is the clincher!

3) Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again - Bobby D

"Grandpa died last week, And now he's buried in the rocks, But everybody still talks about, How badly they were shocked.
But me, I expected it to happen, I knew he'd lost control, When he built a fire on Main Street, And shot it full of holes.

Seems like a theme here, each tune thus far is sung about the city from the outside. Anyone who's been in a situation they can't control can relate to this hyperactive harrowing romp

2) Memphis Soul Stew - King Curtis
This song has a helluva lot more then just "half a teacup of bass" if ya ask me!

and my current number one tune is:

1) Memphis Midnight/ Memphis Morning - Lyle Lovett (couldn't find a video for this one, so I put in my favorite lyle lovett song)

Oh Lyle, how silly I was as a young'un when i wondered how you landed Julia Roberts!

"she bought me good whiskey in Memphis, she bought supper and paid for the room,
as best as I can remember, she paid dearly for loving me too"

One music lover's opinion, feel free to contradict

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Big Show, CBC, Hugh's Room, Newfoundland, Memphis, Nashville etc

January is like a 31 day hangover from holiday madness, I've been laying low, working on new tunes, traveling on seemingly endless subway rides to various jobs, and watching far too many cowboy movies. Day to day productivity is definitely down, but I've been planning carefully so once February hits us like a cold wet towel, I'll have tons of projects and adventures! I'm very excited.

A) FRIDAY FEB 5th I'm performing in prime time at one of Toronto's most storied venues "Lee's Palace."
Here are the details:
FRIDAY FEB 5th 2010
Dave Borins, Blues in D, The Jing Bang Show
Lee's Palace 529 Bloor Street West
Doors 9:30pm, my set: 11pm, $10

It used to be a Chinese restaurant until the mid eighties when it was morphed into a venue, the name did not change! Other acts who have performed on this stage include: Nirvana, Caribou, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elliot Smith, Sufjan Stevens, Blue Rodeo..... so ya, I'm a little excited.

I'll be playing with a full band including Josh Cockrill (guitar), Blaise Alleyne (Violin), Angie Hilts (Vox), Alastair Whitehead (Bass), and Richie Piasetski (Drums).

B) At Hugh's Room, a year ago last Friday, I played my 100th show! It was an event unlike any other I've ever organized, and the support I received was remarkable! I want to sincerely thank those who came out. I now view it as a major turning point in my career, and I still feel its momentum! Can't formally announce anything yet, but in October I'm going back there for a two night run to record a live album/ DVD. Amazingly I'll have played over 200 times by then, 1/4th of the time it took for the first century mark!

Check out "turn on your love light" from the 100th show:

C) Heading to Memphis and Nashville for the last two weeks of February. Planning to case the joint before making the big score. Future plans include hightailing it to the Caribbean and living as an outlaw on the proceeds.

If you know people in Nashville or Memphis, drop me a line, I'd love to connect with locals! They'll know all the best spots to hear great music!

D) NEWFOUNDLAND FOR ST PADDIES DAY!!!!!!!!! I'm doing a 5 show run in St Johns Newfoundland (my favorite place in Canada), Fortunately, all of these show happen BEFORE March 17th so I'll have a day of rest for the big celebration!
Check the listings on myspace for the dates, I'll write more about this closer to the date!
Youtube video from my last visit:

E) "the Lucky Ones EP" is now in the CBC database, so I suggest you bombard them with song requests for yours truly! I've been getting a few plays, but I think its time to up the ante! Take some time to leave a comment here:

OK, enough for now, lots going on, please drop me a line! This mailing list is more then just promotion, its a way for me to keep in touch with old friends, and people around the globe who have touched my life in one way or another!

much love

"the gods have a sense of humor don't they? If you lack the iron and the fizz to take control of your own life, if you insist on leaving your fate to the gods, then they will repay your weakness by having a grin or two at your expense. Should you fail to pilot your own ship, don't be surprised at what inappropriate port you find yourself docked. The dull and prosaic will be granted adventures that will dice their central nervous systems like an onion; Romantic dreamers will end up working in a rope yard!"
- Tom Robbins (Jitterbug Perfume)]

"let there be songs, to fill the air"
- Robert Hunter

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bono and Rihanna sing back up for jay z: most awkward duet ever #hopeforhaiti

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monsters of folk on @cbcradiotwo is The only consulation for my aching bones at this ungodly hour

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ball hockey + horse riding = sore but satisfied

Monday, January 18, 2010

almost over a vicious weekend cold, caught up on movies though... Loved "UP, District 9, and Johnny Guitar"... MEH: "Public Enemies"

Friday, January 15, 2010

H and M Is releasing a male skirt, if someone gives me 200 bucks i'll wear it to work
At the CHRC music marketing workshop, reinforcing all the work to be done!
This morning I dreamt that it was impossible to turn off the buzz of my alarm clock! I should probably appologize to my neighbours

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LEE's PALACE! FEB 5th.... I'm so psyched!

I am excited to announce that Blues In D has asked me to play at their final Show; I'm even more excited that it's going to take place at Lee's Palace, one of Toronto's most legendary venues!

Why so legendary you might ask?
The following bands have performed at Lee's Palace early in their careers: Nirvana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elliot Smith, Blue Rodeo etc etc etc...

The set times are as follows:

10:00 - The Jing Bang Show:

11:00 - Dave Borins w/ full band -

12:00 - Blues in D -

Truth be told, I did play there once!
It was 1:30am, on a wednesday 2006, I was last on the bill, playing solo acoustic after 8 punk and metal bands! In attendence: The Bartender, The soundguy, some drunk dude, and I vaguely remember my friends adam haller and rob trager bothering the soundguy to give me a record deal!

A lot of time has passed, and Its a Friday night, 11pm... Prime Time for my first big full band show of the year!!!

come party with the other bands and I, The evening's energy is going to be incredible!

Here is a note from the headliners:

"We hope you will all join us on this night to celebrate the last year and bit of Blues in D and to be a part of our last show together. We couldn't be more excited about playing Lee's Palace on a Friday night. Playing this unbelievable venue has been a dream of ours for quite some time, and we would really like to share it with all of the people who have supported us along the way."
here is their facebook event page:

I'm loving 2010, each show is getting better and better! Come see for yourself!

much love

let there be songs, to fill the air!
- robert hunter
joke used in Church sex misconduct awareness VHS: "nancy, you know why women are like chickens? the breast and thighs are the best part"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Father to my naturally pregnant sister'n'law: 'but a test tube baby has a womb with a view' ... Cue Rimshot

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Walking through a bar with two acoustic cover guys on two floors, each playing 'last kiss' at the same time
Saturday mornin, Eight forty five shift, gig last night... GROGGY 2 Say the least
was NOT expecting that kinda turn out this eve! To all who braved the cold for the hot tunes; Thank you so much

Friday, January 8, 2010

Chillin' at 'the central' pre show, just taught @balleyne the new tune... He now knows it better then i do
FIRST GIG NIGHT of THE DECADE!!!! I frickin' love gig night! (playing @ the central, 9:30pm, 603 markham street)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Down with homework, Up with miniskirts!
oh ya here's a link to the tune:
digging @danmanganmusic video for "Robots" who interestingly enough, need love too

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great song title idea: 'i left my heart in san andrea; but its not my fault'
3 year old in my morning class: "dave, your hair is floppy" I guess its time to visit ye olde barbershoppe
What UP people of 2010! (is that the future? i think we're in the future now)

Low key show this Friday Night @ The Central (on markham street in Mirvish Village, just south of bloor)
I'm on around 9:30, and i'll be trying out at least one new song!
stop in and party down!

here is the event page:

SCENE Magazine (London ontario's "village voice") published this excellent review of "the lucky one's EP" Just wanted to pass it along, and thank them whole heartedly for the kind words!

"Although his day job is as a backcountry guide (and no I don’t know what that is either), Dave Borins’ music career is building nicely as evidenced by his latest EP, The Lucky Ones. With a plaintive, quavering voice not unlike Loudon Wainwright III’s, Borins also mines Wainwright’s songwriting vein with songs that find the heartbreak and humour in life in equal and sometimes simultaneous measure. To point to highlights would be to name the entire contents of this modest EP. Less is more on Dave Borins' The Lucky Ones in so much as it leaves desire for a follow-up." -- Bob Klanac

Peace out people, excited about living in the future!


Monday, January 4, 2010

getting excited for Friday's gig at the Central!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stranded in newark, waiting for my ears to pop

Saturday, January 2, 2010

They're playing cold music on the barroom floor!
At voyage east watching michael kang from string cheese and bill kreutzman from the god Damn grateful dead!