Tuesday, February 17, 2009

REPOST: It Takes a Village

Welcome to The Borins Blog! I've chosen to start off with reflections on my 100th show... this post was first published on myspace.com/daveborins on Jan 23rd 2009,
from now on, my blog will contain only freshness!

I played a dream tonight!

I dream of being on stage, feeling in unison with a gracious crowd!
Tonight I felt love, tonight I felt hope.

As I walked into the venue, I could tell the establishment was pleased.... the phones had been ringing off the hook, the tickets were nearly gone... they told me each phone call held a sincere enthusiasm... my village was mobilized, ready to absorb a celebration!

All week I'd felt a strange calm, so much preperation, but it never seemed like work... it seemed right... each phone call and email had a purpose... each practice was fruitful, each meeting was joyous! I felt mobilized, organized like never before... This coming from the master of the late night exam cram, the last minute rabbit out of a hat act was never needed.

Walking on stage, I felt a profound sense of relaxation! My excitement was through the roof, this fed the band and the crowd, both of whom completed the circle by sending it back to me tenfold

The band kicked frickin ass:

Robyn Dell'Unto sang like a bird (perfectly sofened my sometimes jagged delivery) http://www.myspace.com/robyndellunto

Jordan Safer wailed on the harp and slide like a man possessed

Blaise Alleyne's violin smoothed out the rough edges and made everything a little more glorious http://blaise.ca/

David Henriques
held down the bass with precision a fortitude... what a producer, so happy to work with him! http://www.hiddentrailmedia.com/

Graydon James' joy was evident in each drumbeat... If I ever needed an energy boost, all I had to do was turn around! http://www.myspace.com/graydonjames

Meher Steinberg nailed every keyboard part without blinking... it was seamless and we'd never even performed together... he recorded on my first disc, but that was over a year ago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rj7jp-AjbXw

Last but not least, my brother Marc Borins sang harmony like a pro (and a bro) so glad we have such complementary voices http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2173507/filmorate

My 100th show could not have been a success without these amazing talents!

They say it takes a village to raise a child, I feel like my entire village came to Hugh's Room this evening to watch me grow!

Thank you all so much!


The following people went beyond the call of duty to make this happen, I would like to publicly thank them all:

The venue: http://www.hughsroom.com - treated us like kings!

"7 minutes in Heaven" - opening act... got the place in hysterics

Mitch Girio: recorded the whole event

Eric the camera man, and steam films:

Jowi Taylor - gave me a chance to perform on the "6 string nation guitar" what an honor! http://www.sixstringnation.com/

Ryan Johnson and Jen Arron did all the visuals

cat fawcett: http://www.catpr.ca/
with some amazing help from Elana Ziluk and Val Dooly

my family: sooooooooo supportive

To those in attendance, please know... I was overwhelmed by your support, a million thank you's, I pledge to work harder to make better music and put on greater events! This was a start, not a destination

much love