Monday, April 12, 2010

An acrostic poem to promote April 13th

An acrostic to promote Tuesday's Full band show at the horseshoe! Hope to see you all there!

H..appy happy joy joy, its a free show
O..pening the night so be there at 9pm
R..ead my lips... no more taxes
S..hort people are welcome
E..veryone is welcome, not only short people
S..padina and Queen is the main intersection - FG
H..oly moly, i'm finally playing the horseshoe
O.. bama would be there if he lived in toronto and liked my music
E.. mo music won't be featured during my set

"T.. ell all your friends about me" - batman
A..ll right already, whats with the acrostic?
V.. iagra? now 50% off in your junkmail folder
E.. nigo Montoya was played by mandy patinkin
"R.. ealize that life goes fast, its hard to make the good parts last" - WC
N.. ow magazine probably won't come, but that shouldn't stop you!


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