Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What UP people of 2010! (is that the future? i think we're in the future now)

Low key show this Friday Night @ The Central (on markham street in Mirvish Village, just south of bloor)
I'm on around 9:30, and i'll be trying out at least one new song!
stop in and party down!

here is the event page:

SCENE Magazine (London ontario's "village voice") published this excellent review of "the lucky one's EP" Just wanted to pass it along, and thank them whole heartedly for the kind words!

"Although his day job is as a backcountry guide (and no I don’t know what that is either), Dave Borins’ music career is building nicely as evidenced by his latest EP, The Lucky Ones. With a plaintive, quavering voice not unlike Loudon Wainwright III’s, Borins also mines Wainwright’s songwriting vein with songs that find the heartbreak and humour in life in equal and sometimes simultaneous measure. To point to highlights would be to name the entire contents of this modest EP. Less is more on Dave Borins' The Lucky Ones in so much as it leaves desire for a follow-up." -- Bob Klanac

Peace out people, excited about living in the future!


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