Sunday, September 6, 2009

East Bound and UP: Chapter One

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia 4:30am Atlantic time

Once I figure out how to use the editing software, I'll be posting video blogs from the road! Please stay tuned and be patient!

Jordan and I have safely arrived at the Atlantic ocean! Many bugs were unable to avoid destruction at the hands of our windshield! Got here at nearly 2am, and unsuccessfully tried to find an open bar. Instead, we checked out tomorrow's venue and wandered towards a lovely pizza parlor where we gazed lovingly into each other's eyes and talked about our feelings!

First time in Halifax, I'll have lots to write about in chapter two!

Lets back peddle for a second. Technically, this tour started a few days ago. The Czehoski's show in downtown Toronto was a blast! Despite the late start, we had a full room of fans, friends and family to send us off proper!

The band: Blaise Alleyne (violin), Alastair Whitehead (bass), Rich Piasetski (drums), Angie Hilts (vocals and imaginary banjo) and Jordan Safer (harmonica, slide guitar)... I love playing with these guys, and look forward to dragging them all across the country someday (sooner then later)!

T- shirts were sold, wine was spilled, music was played!
Matt Singer, and Great Elk were on tour from Brooklyn and played great sets! My little bro put them up at my family home... the after party nearly broke into a spontaneous game of "risk" but cooler heads prevailed!

I packed through the whole night, although I did take a nap midway through, on top of the various garments that littered my mattress. After such an eventful night, it was well deserved

We left Toronto just before one pm (we had foolishly planned for 10am) and the road became out proverbial oyster!

First night, I stayed with my buddy Cyrus and his lovely lady friend Kat. Not only were they great hosts, but Cyrus spent a couple hours upgrading my mac programs and showing me how little I know about my machine! One day I'll be a shortcut master!

I then took to the town and relived my university days by drinking at my old haunts. Nothing has changed but the patrons; an unfortunate symptom of graduation.

How did I repay the kindness of Kat and Cyrus? I ran off with their spare key which has yet to be of use on the Atlantic coast. Might as well just send it back to them via Canada post!

Safer was a champ on the road today, we arrived in Halifax in under 15 hours, I took the nighttime driving shift! New Brunswick and Quebec are beautiful to drive through, Nova Scotia has a full moon and interesting, bright night clouds... i'm guessing its always like that since the moon has been full 100% of the nights i've spent driving here!

Thanks to Ben Zittell for putting us up! I promise I won't steal your keys!

We've decided that we only want to listen to full albums while driving, none of this shuffle nonsense (god's playlist)

Highlights from today's soundtrack:
Pet Sounds by The Beach boys
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
Use Your Illusion 1 - guns and roses
Ashtray Rock - Joel Plaskett
Until The Freeze - The Black Crowes
Arcade Fire - funeral
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust - david bowie
The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails
Reckoning - The Grateful Dead
Chad Van Gaalen - Soft Airplane
Three - Joel Plaskett (we put this on just as we entered the maritimes, a fitting intro to the east, and the PERFECT road trip album)

First Show on the east is @ Bearly's Blues and Ribs, at 6:30, everyone we meet says its a great place to play! Can't wait!


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