Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Birthday in Sackville

Just about to go on for my last set at the bridge street cafe in lovely sackville NB.
Heading home to toronto for a week before my next run of shows! This tour has been amazing, so much to see out east, and we're doing everything we can to really see the places we visit! This has caused us many sleepless nights (back from bar @ 5am, out hiking at 9am etc etc) but the effort has been a success!

Just wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, its tough to be away from home and friends on a birthday, and I think I had my first legitimate bout of homesickness! That being said, with this tour under the belt, my desire to get out on the road for longer stretches to farther places has never been stronger! What a great way to see the earth, but moreso, what a great way to connect with people across the earth! When playing in a strange town, people are all the more curious, and the hospitality we've recieved has been nothing short of spectacular!

Incredible footage from each place we've visited, I'm going to spend a full day in montreal tommorrow editing and processing it! check http://www.youtube.com/daveborins in the coming days to see the latest crazyness!!!!

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